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livestreamOn Tuesday September 22 2020 at 12pm EDT (16:00 UTC) the American University School of Communication hosts a book launch ‘Researching Internet Governance: Methods, Frameworks, Futures‘. This multidisciplinary book (MIT Press) takes Internet governance research as a research subject in its own right, discussing methods and conceptual approaches. The authors discuss such topics as the emergence of “internet governance” as an area of academic study and a real-world policy arena; the scholarly perspectives of Science, technology and society (STS), the law, computer science, and political science; the use of big data and text mining in internet governance studies; and cybersecurity. American University’s Internet Governance Lab’s Faculty Directors Derrick Cogburn, Laura DeNardis, Nanette Levinson and Global Fellow Francesca Musianipecial will be joined by guest speakers including Sandra Braman, Ron Deibert, Jeanette Hofmann, Eric Jardine, Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Milton L Mueller, Niels ten Oever, Kieron O’Hara, & Rolf Weber. Moderator: Anriette Esterhuysen. This event is co-presented by AU School of Communication, AU School of International Service Office of Research, AU Kogod School of Business, AU Internet Governance Lab, and the Internet Society Washington DC Chapter.

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