WEBCAST APR 18 – Book Talk: The Secret Life of Data

ISOC LIVEOn Thursday April 18 2024 at 1pm-2pm EDT (17:00-18:00 UTC) the Authors Alliance and the Internet Archive host an online book talk ‘The Secret Life of Data‘.

In The Secret Life of Data: Navigating Hype and Uncertainty in the Age of Algorithmic Surveillance, authors Aram Sinnreich and Jesse Gilbert explore the many unpredictable, and often surprising, ways in which data surveillance, AI, and the constant presence of algorithms impact our culture and society in the age of global networks. Their basic premise: no matter what form data takes, and what purpose we think it’s being used for, data will always have a secret life. How this data will be used, by other people in other times and places, has profound implications for every aspect of our lives—from our intimate relationships to our professional lives to our political systems.

Chris Freeland – Director of Library Services, Internet Archive
Brewster Kahle – Co-Founder and Director, Internet Archive
Dave Hansen – Executive Director, Authors Alliance

Aram Sinnreich – Chair, Communication Studies, American University
Jesse Gilbert – interdisciplinary artist, Dark Matter Media

Laura DeNardis – Director, Center for Digital Ethics, Georgetown University in Washington

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/secretlifeofdata

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https://archive.org/details/the-secret-life-of-data (Authors Alliance)