WEBCAST TODAY: When Rhetoric Meets Reality: Digital Accessibility, Persons With Disabilities, and COVID-19 @a11ySIG #GAAD2020

livestreamOn May 28 2020, from 12:00-13:30 UTC, in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 21) the Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group (A11ySIG) will host a webinar “When rhetoric meets reality: Digital Accessibility, Persons With Disabilities and COVID-19” This free webinar bring together digital accessibility experts and people with disabilities to discuss the digital accessibility outlook beyond COVID-19. The webinar aims to share and offer a variety of ideas from different disabilities and different parts of the world. SPEAKERS: David Berman, David Berman communications (Canada); Naveed Haq, Regional Director Infrastructure and Connectivity, Asia Pacific Internet Society (Pakistan); Gunela Astbrink, Vice President Accessibility SIG (Australia); Fernando Botelho, F123 initiative (Brazil); Judy Okite, founder, Association for Accessibility and Equality (AAFE) (Kenya); Peter Crosbie, advocate for the autistic community (France); Lidia Best, Vice President, European Federation of Hard of Hearing (UK); Manique Gunaratne, Manager, Specialized Training and Disability Resource Centre (Sri Lanka). MODERATOR: Muhammad Shabbir Awan, President, ISOC Accessibility SIG.

VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: http://livestream.com/internetsociety/gaad2020 (Open Captions, ASL, BSL)

REAL TIME TEXT: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-A11YSIG

PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM: https://bit.ly/3bX0BM5 (Closed Captions, ASL, BSL)