WEBCAST APR 29-30 – NETmundial+10 meeting

ISOC LIVEOn Monday-Tuesday April 29-30 2024 CGI.br will host NETmundial+10 meeting in São Paulo, Brazil. The NETmundial+10 meeting will deliver an outcome document, reaffirming the continued relevance of the 10 principles for Internet governance processes adopted in NETmundial in 2014, offering operational guidelines to help the implementation of these principles in a diversity of situations, and providing input into ongoing processes regarding the evolution of the governance architecture for digital issues.

PROGRAM (Main Room – All times BRT = UTC-3).

April 29

09:00 Opening remarks
Moderator: Hartmut Glaser, CGI.br Executive Secretary
Demi Getschko, NIC.br
Renata Mielli, CGI.br
Luciano Mazza, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Virgilio Almeida, UFMG
Irina Soeffky, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Germany
Rodrigo de la Parra, ICANN
Susan Chalmers, U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIA
Carol Conway, ABRANET
Camila Leite, CDR
Luciana Santos, Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation
10:00 Global challenges for the governance of the digital world
Moderator: Renata Mielli, Chair of NETmundial+10
Co-moderators: Bruna Martins dos Santos, HLEC / Timea Suto, HLEC
Anne Marie Engtoft Meldgaard, Danish Tech Ambassador
Nicolas Robinson, OpenAI
Neth Dano, ETC Group
Michel Roberto de Souza, Derechos Digitales
Antonia Patriota, Mercado Livre
Mona Gaballa, ISOC
Jennifer Chung, DotAsia
Florian Martin-Bariteau, University of Ottawa
Umut Pajaro Velasquez, Malmö Universitet
11:30 Results from the consultation and the NETmundial+10 draft outcome document
Moderator: Bertrand de La Chapelle
14:00 Working Session 1: I – Principles for Internet governance processes
Moderators: Raul Echeberria, HLEC / Payal Arora, HLEC
Rapporteur: Jordan Carter, HLEC
Moderators: Lise Fuhr, HLEC / Ana Neves, HLEC
Rapporteur: Bruna Santos, HLEC
Kick-off speaker: Virgilio Almeida, UFMG

April 30

10:00 Working Session 3: III – INPUT TO ONGOING PROCESSES
Moderators: Akinori Maemura, HLEC / Jorge Cancio, HLEC / Jeanette Hofmann, HLEC / Jason Pielemeier, HLEC
12:00 NETmundial+10 follow-up and the implementation of outcomes
Moderators: Veridiana Alimonti, EFF / Guilherme Canela, UNESCO
15:00 Process coordination: GDC, WSIS+20, IGF, and beyond
Moderators: Thomas Schneider / Anriette Esterhuysen
Pearse O’Donohue, DG Connect
Tawfik Jelassi, ADG for Communication and Information, UNESCO
Chengetai Masango, IGF Secretariat
Ana Neves, UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development
Amandeep Gill, UN Tech Envoy
Pablo Hinojosa, APNIC
Paula Martins, APC and Gender and GDC Coalition
16:30 Open microphone
Moderators: Sylvia Cadena, HLEC / Roberto Gaetano, HLEC / Min Jiang, HLEC
17:30 Closing plenary: multistakeholderism for the governance of the digital world
18:30 Closing remarks


DAY 1 Part 1

OR https://youtu.be/wKNcDDHHPbs
EN https://youtu.be/kd1DcN3lRbU
PT https://youtu.be/PjBVvd1u0to

DAY1 Part 2

OR https://youtu.be/SUSlxrDco8w
EN https://youtu.be/UyjAmBhU0yc
PT https://youtu.be/YevfyjCmZI8

DAY 2 Part1

OR https://youtu.be/jOJw54yr-pI
EN https://youtu.be/97nPoe6Ftok
PT https://youtu.be/SP31RdMjdKE

DAY 2 Part 2

OR https://youtu.be/VQqO2juON1o
EN https://youtu.be/vWcxSoNMQls
PT https://youtu.be/Aczz5Dko9fM

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