WEBCAST AUG 28 – Australian Internet Governance Forum (NetThing)

isoc liveOn Monday 28 August 2023 the Australian Internet Governance Forum (NetThing) will be held in Brisbane as a Day 0 event of APrIGF. The theme is “Co-operation and Collaboration: Australia’s commitment to supporting the future of Internet governance.”

PROGRAM https://netthing.org.au/program-1 (UTC+10)

Opening Session
01 Welcome to Country

02 Ministerial Address
The Hon Michelle Rowland MP, Minister for Communications

03 Keynote Address
Brendon Dowling, Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology

04NetThing and Identity Digital Indigenous Leaders Internet Governance and Policy Fellowship launch
Senator Jana Stewart, Senator for Victoria

05 Forging our Future
Aurelie Jacquet, AI governance expert
David Masters, Head of Global Policy, Atlassian
Brendon Dowling, Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology
Professor Johanna Weaver, Director, ANU Tech Policy Design Centre
Moderator: Dr Alexandra Caples, Director, International Cyber Policy Centre, ASPI

06 Examining the social and economic value of the Internet
Professor Julian Thomas, Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society
Dr Greg Adamson, Technical Activities Vice-President, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
Ken Walliss, Executive General Manager Products, NBNCo
Chandni Gupta, Deputy CEO, The CPRC
Moderator: Keith Besgrove, Chair auDA General Advisory Standing Committee

07 Meaningful Connectivity
Daniel Featherstone, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT
Andrew Williams, CEO, ACCAN
Dr Paul Brooks, Director, Internet Australia
Moderator: Holly Raiche, Policy Chair, Internet Australia

08 Australia’s Internet Resilience Extends Beyond Its Borders
Terry Sweetser, Training Delivery Manager, APNIC
Robbie Mitchell, Senior Communication and Technical Advisor, ISOC
Moderator: George Pongas, Senior Director, International Registry Policy, GoDaddy

09 Multistakeholder governance for the future – where next and how to get there
Anriette Esterhuysen, Internet governance expert and former Chair, IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group
Chris Buckridge, Internet governance expert
Jordan Carter, Internet Governance & Policy Director, auDA
Lise Fuhr, UN Secretary-General’s IGF Leadership Panel
Moderator: Pablo Hinojosa, Director, Strategic Engagement, APNIC

10 Co-operation and Collaboration: NetThing and our opportunity to support the future of Internet governance
Sandra Davey, auDA Board Member
Ian Sheldon, Director, Internet Governance, DITRDCA
Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Internet Australia
Paul Wilson, Director General, APNIC
Moderator: Annaliese Williams, NetThing Chair

11 Closing Remarks
Annaliese Williams, NetThing Chair

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/netthing2023

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