WEBCAST TUE/WED: #NetInclusion2019 in Charlotte NC @netinclusion #shapetomorrow #switchiton

LivestreamOn April 1-3 2019 the National Digital Inclusion Alliance hosts Net Inclusion 2019 in Charlotte NC. This annual event focuses on digital inclusion issues, covering topics that include local, state, and federal policies affecting digital equity; sources of financial and program support; and effective practices from around the country. Plenary sessions will be webcast live, and simulcast via the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/netinclusion2019/

INFO: https://www.digitalinclusion.org/netinclusion2019/

FULL AGENDA: https://netinclusion2019.sched.com/

TWITTER” #netinclusion2019 https://bit.ly/netinclusion2019

The conference is being funded in part by the Knight Foundation.