VIDEO: #Surveillance, #Cybersecurity, and the Future of the Internet #inetdc #netfreedom

Here is the video archive of the Washington DC end of our joint event Surveillance, #Cybersecurity, and the Future of the Internet, on July 24 2013. The event tackled the complex implications of recently revealed government surveillance programs around the world, examining how to balance objectives for openness, global interoperability, and security in an online world and whether the vision of an open, innovative Internet can persist in an environment of online surveillance and data collection. The video has full English closed captioning.

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*Mr. Paul Brigner, Regional Bureau Director, North America, Internet Society
*Mr. John Curran, President & CEO, American Registry for Internet Numbers
*Dr. Laura DeNardis, Professor, American University
*Dr. David S. Dolling, Dean, George Washington University, School of
Engineering and Applied Science
*Ms. Leslie Harris, President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology
*Ms. Melissa Hathaway, President, Hathaway Global Strategies
*Dr. Lance J. Hoffman, Distinguished Research Professor, George
Washington University’s Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute
*Mr. Randy Marchany, University Information Technology Security Officer,
Virginia Tech
*Mr. Steve Roberts, Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George
Washington University
*Ms. Lynn St.Amour, President & CEO, Internet Society
*Mr. Daniel J. Weitzner, Director & Co-Founder, MIT Computer Science and
Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)