ICANN “reaffirms” second gTLD round #ICANN #newgTLDs

ICANNWhen ICANN, at their Singapore meeting in Jun 2011, voted to approve the current round of new gTLD applications, board member Sebastien Bachollet strongly suggested that a second round be announced as soon as possible to ease the rush.

On Feb 12 2012 the ICANN board voted to “reaffirm” a second round, however no date was announced. The resolution noted:

These prerequisites include specifically addressing the GAC requirement for assessment of trademark protections and root zone operation.

On the former issue ICANN has opened a public comment period specifically on the need, perceived by some, for defensive registrations at the top level.

In his response there, Antony Van Couvering of Minds+Machines estimates that it will be a minimum of three years before another round is initiated.