#CopyNight #NYC February: The Defense of #SOPA 2/28

CopyNight NYC February: The Defense of SOPA

Did Hollywood have a leg to stand on? At our next CopyNight, join us for a great opportunity to talk one on one with one of SOPA’s supporters.  This is a chance to get into the more nuanced aspects of the drive for IP protection vs. the issues of security, free speech and privacy that have driven the debate so far. We will discuss the issues behind legislation as well as the general divide between Hollywood and tech.

Our speaker, Hillel I. Parness, is a practising attorney and partner with the New York-based firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi and an adjunct member of the IP faculty at Columbia University School of Law . His analysis of SOPA has been featured on ReadWriteWeb, the MPAA blog, and elsewhere. He will give a brief presentation followed by discussion.

CopyNight February will be at 7pm at Vig Bar, 12 Spring Street, Back Room. Tuesday, 2/28.

CopyNight is a monthly social gathering of people interested in restoring balance in copyright law. We meet over drinks once a month in many cities to discuss new developments and build social ties between artists, engineers, filmmakers, academics, lawyers, and many others. Join us in the back room.