WEBCAST NOV 30 – #IGF2022 – Global Governance of LEO Satellite Broadband

ISOC LIVEOn Wednesday November 30 2022 at 13:50-15:20 UTC the Internet Governance Forum presents a workshop ‘Global Governance of LEO Satellite Broadband‘.

An expert panel addresses the opportunities and challenges of satellite reliant Internet access, currently offered by service providers such as SpaceX or OneWeb. We seek to explore potential benefits as well as threats that come with this new technology. We address this new phenomenon through references to the SDGs and international law, exploring whether current policies offer plausible solutions to upcoming or potential problems.

Dan York, Director, Online Content, Internet Society
Akcali Gur Berna, Queen Mary University of London
Wu Fei, Professor, Ji Nan University
Mwangi Michuki, Regional Development Manager – Africa, Internet Society

Kulesza Joanna, University of Lodz
Dan York, Internet Society

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/igf2022-399

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