WEBCAST DEC 1 – #IGF2022 Lightning Talk – A Framework for Internet Resilience

ISOC LIVEOn Thursday December 1 2022 at 07:15-07:45 UTC the Internet Society presents a workshop ‘A Framework for Internet Resilience‘ at the Internet Governance Forum 2022.

At the Internet Society, we believe that the Internet is for everyone. Our work centers on increasing the Internet’s reach, reliability and resilience, as well as ensuring that the Internet remains open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy. In Africa, ISOC has been carrying out and supporting many activities to help grow the Internet in Africa including supporting Community Networks, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), increasing technical capacity and building communities of practice.

In addition, identifying areas to improve Internet resiliency via measurements has been carried out with the data publicly available on ISOC’s Pulse platform . Internet Resilience measurements have given a glimpse on areas whose improvement would improve the reliability of Internet connectivity in Africa. Could a framework document around improving resilience help regulators in providing an environment that supports the growth of a resilient Internet at national level? Join this lightning talk that will discuss the approach to an Internet Resilience framework document that ISOC is helping to develop for regulators that could help improve Internet access in the region

Verengai Mabika, Senior Policy Advisor – Africa, Internet Society
Dr. Dawit Bekele, Regional Vice President – Africa, Internet Society
Kevin Chege, Director, Internet Development, Internet Society

Mark Carvell
Kevin Chege

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