Internet Society North America Updates – January 2017 @isoc_na @markbuell

Mark BuellMark Buell, Regional Bureau Director, North America, Internet Society writes:

2017 promises to be a big year for the Internet and technology, with both great promise and great challenges ahead. 2016 brought some unexpected developments in the political realm, and the consequences for the Internet are only beginning to be felt across North America and the rest of the world.

This year also marks an important milestone for the Internet Society. In 2017, we will be celebrating ISOC’s 25th anniversary of championing an open and secure Internet for everyone. We have a number of activities planned, and look forward to continuing to work with all of you as we look forward to the next 25 years.

Whatever 2017 brings, the Internet Society will continue to advocate for policies and develop our own programs which support an open, accessible and multi-stakeholder-led model of Internet governance and expand access to more individuals and communities throughout North America and worldwide. Particularly on our radar in in North America for the new year will be issues surrounding cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, access and evolving Internet policies, but we will remain responsive to new developments as they occur.



FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Decision to Step Down Leaves a GOP Majority for Trump
“Wheeler could have kept the commission at 2-2 until Trump names a new member who needs to be confirmed by the Senate. Last week, two Republican FCC commissioners said the Trump administration should quickly reverse many significant policies set by the telecommunications and cable regulatory body under Democratic President Barack Obama.”

CRTC Declares Broadband Internet A Basic Telecommunications Service for Canadians
“The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today declared that broadband access Internet service is now considered a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians. The CRTC is also setting ambitious new speed targets and creating a new fund that will invest up to $750 million over and above existing government programs.”

Bipartisan House Judiciary Committee Warns Against Weakening Encryption
“The House Encryption Working Group said finding ways to allow police to break into encrypted devices “is not in the national interest,” even if it is done to help law enforcement gain access to information pertaining to an investigation.”

FCC Ignores Net Neutrality Talk At CES As The Policy Is Expected To End Under Trump Admin

Following Donald Trump’s victory in November speculation has been rampant about what Trump’s actual plans for foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, etc. would be — but there is at least one sure thing when Trump is sworn in Jan. 20, Net Neutrality is dead.”

GOP Senator Pushing for Creation of Cybersecurity Committee  
“Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) will introduce a bill next Congress to create a select Senate committee to deal with cybersecurity issues.”

Advocates ask Ottawa to ‘kill the Internet tax’ as Liberals ponder new fees

The issue has been in renewed focus recently, as Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly launched a public consultation last April.”

Canadian telecoms push back on proposed police powers

Rogers, TekSavvy and others say the government hasn’t justified why it needs expanded digital powers”


New from the Internet Society:

Learn about ISOC Efforts to Develop Internet Access Globally 
“Small, DIY networks are connecting people in remote parts of the globe, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Himalayas, to the fly-in communities of Canada’s north.”

Beyond the Net announces the results for the November 2016 cycle

The Beyond the Net Funding Programme is proud to announce the results of our November 2016 grant application cycle.”

Upcoming events and key dates:

January 23, 2017: State of The Net, The 13th Annual State of the Net, Washington, DC

January 24, 2017: New America, Will The Internet Always Be American?, Washington, DC

February 6-8, 2017 – North American Network Operators Group (NANOG), NANOG 69, Washington, DC

February 27-28: Cyber Security 2017: Securing the Smart City of the Future, Ottawa, Ontario