MEETUP SAT: @nycforward NYC Connected: #Broadband Data Dig @BKLYNlibrary

Connected NYOn Saturday November 19 2016 the New York Mayor’s Office will host NYC Connected: Broadband Data Dig at Brooklyn Public Library. The public are invited to use available open data to develop insights into the current state of broadband in New York City, identify the effects of existing inequities and recommend ways to measure progress towards universal broadband. Specifically, 1) What public data related to broadband should the City use to inform policymaking and track progress, and how should the City analyze the data? 2) What factors and effects correlate to varying levels of broadband availability or broadband adoption? 3) What City assets or other resources can be used most effectively to address broadband inequities? The winning analyses will have the opportunity to pitch their “data digs” and recommendations to City officials including Dr. Amen Ra Mashariki, Chief Analytics Officer; Joshua Breitbart, Senior Advisor for Broadband in the Mayor’s Office; and Alphonso Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner for Telecommunications Planning at the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT).

What: NYC Connected: Broadband Data Dig
Where: Brooklyn Public Library
When: Saturday, November 19, 2016 9am-6pm
Press Release: