WEBCAST TODAY: @InternetSociety @ipnsig 2nd Annual InterPlanetary Networking Conference in DC

ipnsigToday Monday May 18 2015 the Internet Society’s InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) will hold its 2nd Annual InterPlanetary Networking Conference in Washington DC. The conference has the theme Showcasing Delay & Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN): the Emerging Standard for Space Data Communications. Last year’s conference (video) —Space Technology Innovations: Enabling Exploration Above, Improving Life Below—presented how DTN can enable space data communications as well as provide network services in constrained terrestrial network environments. This year the focus is upon DTN in the space arena. Speakers include Vint Cerf, Brett Willman & Suzanne Davidson – the NASA/Boeing team working on DTN aboard the International Space Station, David Israel & Donald Cornwell the NASA team who concluded the very successful Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration in late 2013 and who are planning the 2017 Laser Relay Communication Demonstration, Scott Burleigh, JPL’s chief DTN architect, Keith Scott who leads the Consultative Consortium for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) DTN working group that is standardizing DTN protocols, Fred Templin of Boeing who will demonstrate a potentially important new security enhancement to DTN, and Scott Pace, the Director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University. The conference will be webcast live on the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

What: 2nd Annual InterPlanetary Networking Conference
Where: Long Bridge, Arlington, VA
When: &Monday May 18 2015 9am-5pm EDT | 13:00-21:00 UTC
Agenda: http://ipnsig.org/2015/05/14/agenda-for-ipn-conference-may-18th/
Webcast: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/IPN-ISOC-2
Twitter: @ipnsig