ISOC-NY TV Show 2pm today – Tim Wu – Net Neutrality & the Politics Of Entrepreneurship @superwuster @MNNprogramming #legalhack

isoc ny tvToday, Wednesday August 27 2014, the ISOC-NY TV show will present the full version of NY Lieutenant Governor candidate Tim Wu‘s talk Net Neutrality & the Politics Of Entrepreneurship at General Assembly NYC on August 14 2014. In the talk, co-sponsored by the Legal Hackers NYC, Tim Wu, the “father” of Net Neutrality, discusses political issues affecting entrepreneurs and the creative class. Topics include Net Neutrality, regulation of small business, immigration policy, political corruption, and ways that you get can involved in politics and policy formation. The show, which airs from 2-3pm, may be viewed via Manhattan Cable or online via the MNN website. Video of the talk is posted below.

What: ISOC-NY TV Show – Tim Wu -Net Neutrality & the Politics Of Entrepreneurship
Where: Manhattan Neighborhood Network
When: Wednesday August 27 2014 2pm-3pm EDT | 1800-1900 UTC
Manhattan Cable: TWC 56 / 1996 | RCN 83 | FiOS 34

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