WEBCAST NOON TODAY: Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless @InternetSociety #IETF90 #5G

IETF - 5GToday, Thursday July 24 2014, in the IETF 90 version of the IETF Thursday Speaker Series, Erik Dahlman will address the topic of 5G. Discussions on 5G wireless access have rapidly intensified during the latest two years. 5G wireless access is seen as the long-term enabler of the overall networked society, not only providing enhanced mobile broadband access but being a tool to provide wireless connectivity for any kind of application. This speech will provide an overview of the state of 5G efforts around the world. We will discuss the specific requirements and challenges being identified for 5G wireless access and the different technology components and alternatives being considered. Also outlined will be a possible time schedule for 5G in ITU and 3GPP. The session will be webcast live via the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

What: Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless
Where: IETF 90 in Toronto
: Thursday July 24 2014 Noon EDT, 16:00 UTC
Webcast: https://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/IETF90
Google+: https://plus.google.com/events/civqq2apu9cq4pdg63n6h61lq2s
Twitter: #5G