WEBCAST JUN 4-6 – Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2024

ISOC LIVEOn Tuesday- Thursday June 4-6 2024 the Indigenous Connectivity Institute (ICI) will host the 8th Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS 2024) in Membertou, Nova Scotia. The Indigenous Connectivity Summit is a community-led forum is the primary convening for Indigenous leadership and allies working across the United States and Canada to build a digital future on their terms.

01 Welcome and opening ceremony
Mark Buell, Indigenous Connectivity Institute
Jewel Pierre-Roscelli, Emcee
Avery Pelletier, Skownan First Nation, Emcee
Chief Terrence Paul, Membertou First Nation
02 Introducing the ICS Calls to Action
Erin Knight, ICI
Natalie Dunleavy Campbell, Internet Society
03 How do we get Indigenous leadership interested in broadband?
Bill Murdoch, Clear Sky Connections
Jesse Fiddler, K-NET
Sharaz Khan, University of Calgary
Moderator: Tim Whiteduck, Conseil en education des premieres nations
04 The community based approach for digital equity research
Julie Chamberlain, University of Winnipeg
Sheldon Valiquette, University of Winnipeg
Moderator: Joel Templeman, Internet Society Manitoba Chapter
05 Building an Indigenous workforce in networking
Nikki Muswaggon, Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet
Carlos Francisco Baca Feldman, Rhizomatica
Joel Templeman, Internet Society Manitoba Chapter
Moderator: Mark Buell
06 What does it mean to have digital sovereignty?
Jeff Doctor, Animikii
Bumpy Kanalehe, Nation of Hawai’i
Zack Frawley, Assembly of First Nations
Moderator: Mark Buell, Internet Society
07 What is the future of Indigenous Spectrum?
Darrah Blackwater, Blackwater Consulting
Dr. Greg Taylor, University of Calgary
Antony Royal, Tu Atea Ltd.
Moderator: Steve Song, Mozilla
08 Info Session – ISED Canada Spectrum Initiative, Indigenous Priority Window (IPW)
Mark Saunders, Innovation, Science, and Economic Development
09 Case Study: Membertou – Atlantic First Nations Tech Services
Allan Mackenzie, Atlantic First Nations Tech Services
J.R. Isadore, Atlantic First Nations Tech Services
10 Keeping your network safe
Bill Murdoch, Clearsky Connections
Steve Song, Mozilla
Moderator: Sandra George, ICI
11 Overview of Internet Infrastructure Security & Confidentiality Technologies: Encrypted DNS, DNSSEC, RPKI
Adiel Akplogan, ICANN
12 Project management for broadband deployments
Jonathan K. Fleury, CEO of Indigenous Technologies
Bill Murdoch, Clearsky Connections
13 The Maori Spectrum Journey
Antony Royal, Tu Atea Ltd.
14 Workshop: Internet Exchange Points
John Sherwood, HFXIX
Leon “Lee” Morris, Joint Economic Development Initiative
15 How S210 puts Internet access, security, and privacy at risk online
Natalie Dunleavy Campbell, Internet Society
16 Successfully working with non-Indigenous entities
Rob McCann, Clearcable Networks
Dean Abass, Seaside communications
Wayne Slipperjack, Rapid Lynx Telecommunications
Joe Hickey, Rock Networks
Moderator: Frank Horn, ICI
17 Lightning Talk: ICANN’s new gTLD program
Giose McGinty, ICANN
18 Info Session – North End Connect research project
Joel Templeman, Internet Society Manitoba
Jewel Pierre-Roscelli, North End Connect
19 Info Session – UNDRIP and telecommunications policy
Dr. Brenda Gunn, University of Manitoba
20 Indigenous Connectivity Institute Town Hall
Erin Knight, ICI

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/ics2024

AGENDA https://indigenousconnectivity.org/summits/2024-indigenous-connectivity-summit

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