WEBCAST MAY 13 – EU’s Digital Future Seminar #2 – Assessing the Material Shaping of EU Digital Sovereignty in Response to the War in Ukraine

ISOC LIVEOn Monday May 13 2024 at 15:00-16:00 CEST (11:00-12:00 UTC) the Brussels School of Governance hosts a seminar ‘Assessing the Material Shaping of EU Digital Sovereignty in Response to the War in Ukraine‘.

The war in Ukraine is known to have informed and inspired the acceleration of EU legislations aimed at strengthening the EU’s capacity to protect its “cyberspace” against the spread of disinformation and foreign interference, which the European Commission now equates to “ European digital sovereignty”.

While many have claimed the predominant discursive nature of digital sovereignty policies in the EU, recent sanctions banning the online broadcasting of Russian media outlets on EU territory could be interpreted as one of the first techno-material digital sovereignty measures. In this seminar, Prof. Niels ten Oever will present his latest research on this topical issue by exploring the implications of these recent sanctions for the European approach to Internet infrastructures and digital sovereignty.

Prof. Niels ten Oever, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Roxana Radu, University of Oxford
Romain Bosc, RIPE NCC

Dr. Clément Perarnaud, Brussels School of Governance – VUB


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