WEBCAST OCT 10 – Silicon Harlem 10th Anniversary Next Gen Tech Conference – Empowering the Technological Future for All

ISOC LIVEOn Tuesday October 10 2023 the Silicon Harlem Next Gen Tech Conference will be held at The Harlem School of the Arts in New York City. The theme of this year’s 10th Anniversary event is “Empowering the Technological Future for All” with the goal of educating the community on how to optimize technology for good.

PROGRAM (EDT = UTC-4) https://host.regform.com/silicon-harlems-next-gen-tech-conference/
9:00 Next Gen Tech 10th Anniversary Opening Session
9:35 What is New York Cities Vision and Tech Strategy for the Future
10:15 Empowering Youth in Tech
11:15 BREAKOUT 1 – either Empowering 3D and Metaverse Education or Empowering Tech for Social Impact
12:05 Charles B. Rangel Award Luncheon Ceremony
13:30 BREAKOUT 2 – either Empowering Startups in Underserved Communities or Empowering Urban Tech Innovation
14:30 Empowering AI for our Technological Future
15:30 Empowering Communities for the Future
16:10 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements

LIVESTREAM https://livestream.com/internetsociety/shngt10

ATTEND IN PERSON https://bit.ly/45wQ1Hr ($10)

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