WEBCAST SEP 28 – 4th GFCE Triple-I workshop in India

ISOC LIVEOn Thursday 28th September 2023 the 4th GFCE Triple-I workshop in India will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati (IIT-G), and in conjunction with InSIG 2023. The GFCE Triple-I initiative facilitates awareness raising and capacity building events in different regions of the world in order to enhance justified trust in the use of Internet and/or email in those regions through multistakeholder cooperation. This workshop is fully devoted to support the Digital India Action plan, and aims at bringing together local stakeholders with local, national and global experts to explore together what steps to take to enhance justified trust in the use of the Internet and/or email in the region.

PROGRAMME (All times IST = UTC+5.5)

Opening by Host and Moderator: Welcome and Intent of the Day
0-01 Satish Babu, India School for Internet Governance
0-02 Maarten Botterman., GFCE Triple-I moderator
0-03 Prof. Sukumar Nandi, Senior Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, India Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Block I: Better Use of Today’s Open Internet Standards
1-00 Introduction
Yazid Akanho & Jia Rong Low (ICANN OCTO)
1-02 RPKI and ROA: APNIC
Terry Sweetser (APNIC)
Gerasim Hovhannisyan (EasyDMARC)
1-04 IPv6
Anurag Bhatia (Hurricane Electric)

Block II: Inspiration from Good Practice Actions
2-01 Internet Resilience Index: providing a snapshot of a country’s Internet resilience in terms of infrastructure, performance, security, and market readiness
Sarah Lake (ISOC)
2-02 MANRS: rationale, development and deployment in India
Anand Raje (MANRS Ambassador)
2-03 KINDNS: rationale, development and deployment in India
Yazid Akanho (ICANN OCTO).
2-04 DDOS mitigation: more about a European “cookbook” on DDOS attack mitigation
Octavia de Weerdt, AntiDDoS Coalition/NBIP NaWAS
2-05 IoT security
Maarten Botterman (IGF DC IoT)
Ihita Gangavarapu (IIT-H)
2-06 UA/IDN status overview for India
Jia-Rong Low (ICANN)
Anil Jain (NIXI/UASG).

Block III: Planning for a More Trusted Internet: Marketplace for Action
3-01 Trusted India Internet Initiative (T3I)
Maarten Botterman, GFCE Triple-I
Amitabh Singhal, Telxess Consulting Services
Anand Raje, India Internet Foundation

Maarten Botterman, GFCE Triple I Coordinator

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