WEBCAST SEP 19 – The New Space Pioneers – From Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK) to the New Pioneers in Space

isoc.live On Tuesday September 19 2023 Galxyz LLC and NativeNet (TM), in conjunction with ISC Intelligence present ‘The New Space Pioneers – From Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK) to the New Pioneers in Space‘ as part of the United Nations Science Summit General Assembly 78 in NYC. Topics include Space; as the 18th Sustainable Development Goal, Indigenous Knowledge applied to the future in Space, Life Support in Space, Interplanetary Internet, and extreme advanced technologies planned by the leading pioneers in Space.

Program https://bit.ly/3LoqoRH

8:45 Introduction
Dan and Robin Hawk

8:49 Native Blessing
Jason Goodblanket – Elder of Cheyenne Indian Nation

9:00- Indigenous Space Social Justice, ITEK Artemis Objectives, Power of Lunar Dust, Lunar Regolith, Space Radiation Hardening, Nuclear Space Propulsion & Objective Due Regard SaaS
Dan Hawk PHD ABD – Galxyz LLC, United First Nations Planetary Defense, Intertribal Space Conference, Oneida Small Business Inc., BisonSat, LSIC Sub-Lead, NASA Artemis Ethics Panel, Nuclear Submarine Operator, NativeNet™

9:30 The current space debris environment and a brief history of small debris contamination in earth orbits
Vitali Braun – ESA (European Space Agency) Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) from the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

10:00 Space sustainability via on-orbit servicing
Mark Muktoyuk – Astroscale U.S. Inc. Senior GNC Systems Engineer / RPO Team Lead – Native American Eskimo

10:25 Unlocking the secrets of extraterrestrial plant immortality: telomeres and oxidative stress response of Arabidopsis thaliana during spaceflight and Lunar regolith
Borja Barbero Barcenilla, PhD

10:50 Living Systems: Closed Loop Solid State Photobioreactors (PBR’s), Energy Mass Balances and Habitats in Space. Space Food and Medicine, Algae & Superfoods. Identity of Things in Space and End to End Optical Network Systems
Robin Hawk – Co-Founder Galxyz LLC

11:15 Indigenous Communities as Gateways to a Sustainable Human Future in Space
Michelle Hanlon – For All Moonkind – Permanent Observer, United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

12:00 The James Webb Space Telescope Mission
Dr. Matt Greenhouse – NASA

13:00 India in Space: Policy, Innovation, Strategy
Namrata Goswami (Ph.D.) – Professor, Thunderbird School of Global Management,

13:35 Optical atomic clock aboard an Earth-orbiting space station (OACESS) – A concept for a high precision optical atomic clock orbiting on an Earth Orbiting Space Station, always on time!

14:10 Climate On Earth, In Space and The Creation Stories Project
Moriba Jah – Privateer Space

14:40 iSpace and Japan’s Aspirations for the Moon
Takeshi Hakamada – iSpace inc. Founder and CEO, Japan

15:15 Stargazing and Beyond: A Global Network of Citizen Astronomers
Franck Marchis: SETI Institute, Carl Sagan Center, Unistellar, USA/France

16:00 KEYNOTE – The Implications of an Interplanetary Internet
Vint Cerf – Google

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