WEBCAST MAY 22-23 MAY – Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2023

isoc.liveOn Monday-Wednesday 22-24 May 2023 the Indigenous Connectivity Institute will host the Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2023 (ICS 2023). The Indigenous Connectivity Summit brings together Indigenous community members, leaders, network operators, researchers and policymakers with a common goal: to connect Indigenous communities to fast, affordable and sustainable internet. The ICS has grown to be the primary convening for Indigenous leadership and allies working across the United States and Canada to build a digital future on their terms.

** Only the sessions from Mon 22 May – Tue 23 May will be livestreamed. **

01 Welcome (10:48)
Mark Buell – Connect Humanity
Brittany Woods-Orrison – AKPIRG

02 Elder Wilson Justin (16:49)
Wilson Justin – Althsetnay clan

03 Artwork presentation (07:39)
Chloey Cavanaugh – Was’ineidi Tax’Hit, Eagle Wolf Clan; Black and White Raven Company

04 Recognizing and honoring Indigenous sovereignty in a digital world (49:05)
Linnea Jackson – Hoopa Valley Tribe / HPVUD
Davida Delmar – AmerInd Risk
Chief James Hobart – Spuzzum, Nlaka’pamux First Nation
MOD: Madeleine Redfern – CanArctic Inuit Networks

05 Universal Service – Connecting Millions to Broadband Services (18:15)
Gem Labarta – Navajo Nation — Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)

06 Avoiding snake oil – working with outside organizations to build networks (46:43)
Claudia Tarbell – Akwesasne / Calix
Linnea Jackson – Hoopa Valley Tribe / HPVUD
MOD: Bill Murdoch – Clear Sky Connections / FMCC

07 Alaska Office of Broadband (21:32)
Melissa Kookesh – Raven Dog Salmon, Tlingit / Tribal Liaison, Alaska Office of Broadband

08 Deploying Starlink LEO technology in response to COVID Education Requirements in Nishnawbe Aski Nation (41:34)
Jamie Saunders – Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Katie Laufenberg – FSET Information and Technology Services
Michael McKay – Nishnawbe Aski Nation

09 Measuring Internet Performance (17:43)
Jeff Buell – CIRA

10 Atlantic First Nation Tech Services(16:10)
Allan MacKenzie – Atlantic First Nation Tech Services

11 Reconciliation within Regulation (29:17)
Claire Anderson – Taku River Tlingit First Nation / CRTC

12 Introducing the ICS Calls to Action (10:57)
Natalie Campbell – Internet Society
Phil Steinhauer-Mozejko – Saddle Lake Cree Nation / Connect Humanity / Indigenous Connectivity Institute

13 Getting ready for BEAD funding (41:21)
Hallie Bissett – Tribal Ready
E.J. John – American Indian Policy Institute
MOD: Mark Buell – Connect Humanity

14 Day 2 Welcome (3:04)
Mark Buell – Connect Humanity

15 Karrier.one  (37:47)
Samer Bishay – Karrier.one / Iristel
Landon Miller – Karrier.one

16 How can we make consultation processes work for our communities? (53:08)
Erin Knight – Open Media
E.J. John – Navajo Nation / American Indian Policy Institute
Chief James Hobart – Spuzzum, Nlaka’pamux First Nations
MOD: Mark Buell – Connect Humanity

17 Forward Focused Nation Building (22:22)
Karim Lakhani – Harvard University
Chief James Hobart – Spuzzum, Nlaka’pamux First Nations

18 Formation of Internet Society Nevada Chapter (00:50)
Mark Buell – Connect Humanity
Contact – https://nvisoc.org

19 What is Alaska’s extraordinary story?  (42:03)
Adam Geisler – La Jolla Band / NTIA
Angela Bennett – NTIA

20 Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Telecommunications Programs Update (13:13)
Andy Berke – USDA

21 Research on Indigenous Networks: Learning from projects, Assessing Impacts (19:18)
Dr. Heather Hudson – University of Alaska, Anchorage

22 The Rural Alaska Experience (44:37)
Jennifer Nelson – GCI
Shawn Williams – Pacific Dataport
MOD: Dr. Heather Hudson – University of Alaska, Anchorage

23 Formation of Internet Society Pacific Northwest Chapter (01:06)
Dr. Spencer Sevilla, University of Washington
contact – spencer.builds.networks (at) gmail.com

24 Building an urban Indigenous network – Jewel Pierre-Roscelli + Shelley Anderson (15:36)
Jewel Pierre-Roscelli – Dakota / Vincent Design / Internet Society Manitoba Chapter
Shelley Anderson – Indigenous Vision for the North End

25 Hoopa Valley Case Study (14:59)
Linnea Jackson – Hoopa Valley Tribe / HPVUD

26 How can we develop an Indigenous workforce in networking? (47:34)
Joe Valandra – Rosebud Sioux Tribe, South Dakota / Tribal Ready
Alfred Loon – Cree / Eeyou Communications Network
Mark Buell – Connect Humanity
MOD: Sally Braun – Indigenous Connectivity Institute

27 Digital navigators – Davida Delmar + Vicky Yuki (19:11)
Davida Delmar – Navajo Nation / AMERIND Critical Infrastructure
Vicky Yuki – NDIA

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