WEBCAST OCT 25-27 – Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2022

isoc liveOn 24 to 28 October 2022 the Indigenous Connectivity Institute will host the Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2022 (ICS 2022). The Indigenous Connectivity Summit brings together Indigenous community members, leaders, network operators, researchers and policymakers with a common goal: to connect Indigenous communities to fast, affordable and sustainable internet. The 2022 ICS is led by the newly-formed Indigenous Connectivity Institute, an initiative incubated by Connect Humanity, and co-organized in partnership with the Internet Society.

AGENDA https://connecthumanity.fund/ics-2022-agenda/

01 Welcome
Phil Mozejko, Intern, Connect Humanity
02 Welcoming Remarks
Amanda G. Lathlin, Member, Manitoba Legislative Assembly (MLA)
03 Opening Remarks
Brenda Wilson, Rogers Communications
04 Building a mesh network in Winnipeg’s North End
Joel Templeman, Executive Director, ISOC Manitoba
Shelley Anderson, ISOC Manitoba
05 ISED spectrum access initiatives
Mark Saunders, Manager, Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada (ISED)
06 Digital equity and Indigenous communities
Davida Delmar, Digital Inclusion Manager, AMERIND
Rhea Doolan, Senior Policy Lead, First Nations Technology Council
MOD: Christopher Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
07 Broadband Communications North
Jason Neepin, Executive Director, Broadband Communications North
08 Saskatchewan Sweetgrass
Darrah Blackwater, Navajo Nation
09 Managing large-scale projects
Matt Rantanen, Golden State Network
Jason Neepin, Broadband Communications North
Sally Braun, former GM, Western James Bay Telecom Network
Alfred Loon, Director of Economic & Sustainable Development, Cree Regional Authority
MOD: Geoff White, Executive Director, Competitive Network Operators of Canada
10 Updates on community broadband networks in Hawai’i
John Kealoha Garcia, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nation of Hawai‘i
Denis (Bumpy) Kanahele, Head of State, Nation of Hawai‘i
11 Keeping the Community Informed During the Build Stage
Claudia Tarbell, Senior Engagement Manager, Calix
12 Campfire pitches
Mark Buell, Director of Indigenous Programs Development, Connect Humanity
13 Breakout report backs
Mark Buell, Director of Indigenous Programs Development, Connect Humanity
Natalie Dunleavy Campbell, Senior Director, North American Government and Regulatory Affairs, Internet Society
14 Thoughts on Day 1
Phil Mozejko, Intern, Connect Humanity
15 Prayer
Andy Daniels
16 Wed Welcome
Ernie Daniels
17 Community leadership
Andrew Sullivan – President & CEO, Internet Society
18 Introducing the Indigenous Connectivity Institute
Justin Gilbert
Mark Buell
19 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp Update
Chris Mitchell
Matt Rantanen
20 Artwork presentation
Darrah Blackwater
21 Spectrum Sovereignty
Darrah Blackwater
Dr. Gregory Taylor
Jenna Cocullo
22 The future of digital advocacy – Indigenous Connectivity Institute Advisory Committee
Natalie Campbell, Senior Director, North American Government and Regulatory Affairs, Internet Society
Mark Buell, Director of Indigenous Programs Development Director of Indigenous Programs Development, Connect Humanity
23 Mapping broadband in Indigenous communities
Pierrette Renée Dagg, Director of Technology Impact Research,Merit Network
Dustin Loup, Project Manager, National Broadband Mapping Coalition, Marconi Society
Frances Goli, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, SE Idaho
24 Integrating International law and Indigenous law into telecommunications law
Dr. Brenda Gunn
25 Rogers Indigenous Collaboration Team
Brenda Wilson, Rogers Communications
Brian Mazerolle, Rogers Communications
Dana Wells-Durocher, Rogers Communications
Asennaienton Frank Horn, Rogers Communications
26 Building off-grid networks
Suzanne Singer
27 Wrap Up
Phil Mozejko, Intern, Connect Humanity

** Only the sessions from Tuesday Oct 25 – Thurs Oct 27 will be livestreamed. **

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