WEBCAST OCT 4 – Kenya DNS Forum 2022

isoc liveOn Tuesday 4 October 2022 the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) will host the 2022 Kenya DNS Forum in Nairobi. The Kenya DNS Forum is an open event for stakeholders in the domain name industry. The event will bring together representatives from the information and communications technologies (ICT)/DNS sectors, local and international policymakers, global registries for ccTLDs, domain name registrars, and registrants to discuss the growth of the DNS ecosystem and its impact on technology. The theme for this year’s DNS Forum is cybersecurity.

PROGRAM (All times EAT = UTC+3)

08:00 Opening & Keynote
Joel Karubiu, CEO, KeNIC
Geoffrey Shimanyula, Chairman, KeNIC
Ezra Chiloba, Director General, Communications Authority of Kenya

09:15 DNS 101 and Cybersecurity
Joseph Marwa, Senior Systems Administrator, KeNIC

09:55 Legislation & governance in the Internet Ecosystem
Rose Mosero, ODPC
Rosemary Koech, KeNIC
Evans Ombati, NC4
Victor Kapiyo, KICTANet
Athena Morgan, ICMEC

11:30 Building a more resilient and secure ccTLD ecosystem for social and economic development
Barrack Otieno, AFTLD
Paul Kariuki, ICT, University of Nairobi
Ingabire Grace, RICTA.
Mwendwa Kivuva, Registrar, Transworld
MOD: Bob Ochieng, ICANN

14:00 Sponsor Session

15:20 DNS Security
TBD, Communications Authority
John Saruni, KeNIC
Anthony Muiyuro, ISACA
William Makatiani, Serianu
Dr. Bright Gameli, Cyber security expert

16:30 Closing Remarks
Kimathi Kamundeh, Chair, Marketing Committee

LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/dnsforumke2022

PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM https://bit.ly/3e3aD5f (EN/FR/PT)

Session 1 https://bit.ly/3fH6Afu
Session 2: https://bit.ly/3CEUFYJ
Sessionn 3 – https://bit.ly/3rqdJDw
Session 4 – https://bit.ly/3C450f7

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