WEBCAST: @InternetSociety Fundamentals program 2021 #isocfundamentals

Internet Society Fundamentals program 2021Internet Society Fundamentals aims to develop new community leaders equipped to tell data-driven stories about the Internet Society’s key projects. This will equip members to work with their Chapters to create local awareness, extending the reach of our work for an Internet as a force for good.

In its first year, the program consists of two full weeks of webinars linked to Internet Society projects. Sessions will be held from 12-23 April, 2021.

During each webinar, we will cover the project’s main concepts with a focus on narrative and strategies to approach multiple audiences. In this way, Chapter members can feel empowered to raise awareness through concrete local initiatives that support the development and positioning of the Chapter.

LIVESTREAMS  https://isoc.live/isoc-fundamentals/

ARCHIVE https://archive.org/details/isoc-fundamentals

TWITTER #isocfundamentals