WEBCAST TODAY: The #SocialMobileLeap: How Digital Connectivity Affects Emerging Economies

livestream Today, Thursday March 7 2019, at 3pm EST (20:00 UTC) the Internet Society and Pew Research Center will host an event to launch groundbreaking research from Pew on how mobile technology is shaping communities and the Internet around the world. Mobile Internet usage is quickly becoming a primary means of access in many developing countries. The Social-Mobile Leap will explore the results of Pew Research Center’s upcoming study, Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies, on mobile phone usage and its social impact in 11 countries worldwide. The participating countries include Colombia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia, Venezuela and Vietnam. The event will also feature a panel entitled Defining Internet access: How mobile trends are shaping online experiences in developing countries. Leading industry experts including Mozilla Policy Advisor Alice Munyua and Next Century Cities’ Executive Director Deb Socia will discuss how the findings can help inform sound policy on Internet access solutions for the rest of the world to get online.

VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/socialmedialeap

REPORT: https://pewrsr.ch/2C7ewA4

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