Australia debates broadband initiative 

The Australian Government has organised a forum to debate benefits and structures from the planned A$40B plus investment in our National Broadband Network, in a session that will take place on 10 and 11 Dec 2009 (Australian time).

ISOC-AU has been joint hosting the Australian IPv6 Summit 2009 over the last two days, where we have heard the point that IPv6 is imperative for continued growth of the open worldwide Internet, including from Leslie Dagle of ISOC. Now we need to ensure that this principle is embodied in plans for Australia’s National Broadband Network. See:

Online input into the Australian discussions is welcomed. You can submit ideas and view streaming of presentations. See:

In line with discussions at the Australian IPv6 Summit, I have submitted the
following suggestion just now:
“The National Broadband Network must be future proofed and as flexible
as possible, incorporating and making available to users technologies
such as IPv6 from day one, and fully available service enablers like
high grade DNS (IPv6 of course).”

I encourage all ISOC members and supporters to go to the Website
and vote for this idea so that it comes to the top of the list. URL:

Please post this request to as many lists as possible. Thank you for your support.

thanks, Tony

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