WEBCAST JUNE 17: A11yVR – Captions and Beyond: Building XR software for all users – Evan Tice 

livestreamOn Thursday June 17 2021 at 18:30 EDT / 22:30 UTC / 07:30 JST (Fri) the Accessibility VR Meetup hosts ‘Captions and Beyond: Building XR software for all users‘ on AltSpaceVR. Captions in XR provide an opportunity for participants with hearing and speaking differences or language barriers to communication. Evan Tice, Senior Software Engineering Lead for AltspaceVR, will cover captions design and implementation (so far) in AltspaceVR from the perspective of one of the engineers who worked on it. In addition, this talk explores how engineering and design teams might think about designing software for those who experience XR differently from them.

The session will be webcast live via a partnership with the Internet Society Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG).

LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/a11yvr15 (Open Captions / ASL)

PARTICIPATE VIA ALTSPACEVR: https://www.meetup.com/a11yvr/events/278183292/ (AI captions)

REAL TIME TEXT: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=a11yvr 

TWITTER: @a11yvr @barelytired @AltspaceVR #GAAD #VR #XR

SIMULCASTS (Open Captions / ASL)
https://youtu.be/WN0Jvk57kmc (monitored for comments)

ARCHIVE https://archive.org/details/a11yvr15