Video: Wireless City: Can All New Yorkers Get Connected? #nyc #broadband 

On March 8 2011, The Municipal Art Society of New York presented a panel Wireless City: Can All New Yorkers Get Connected?.

After introductions from MAS President Vin Cipolla and City Councillor Gale Brewer, NYC’s Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne delivered a keynote detailing recent advances in digital interaction between NYC’s government and citizens.

During the panel, moderated by Adam Balkin of NY1: Greg Goldman, former CEO of Wireless Philadelphia, discussed the successes and failures of that effort; Dana Spiegel, Executive Director of NYC Wireless, emphasized that its ability to provide open public WiFi is reliant on the availability of supporting wired infrastructure; Sonja Murray of One Economy detailed that organization’s work in bringing access to 25,000 of NYC’s underserved population, including implementation of Meraki mesh technology to overcome WiFi limitations in housing projects, plus a killer app in community elevator monitoring. Video is here

  • Timecodes: 11:30 Rachel Sterne, 31:50 Greg Goldman, 52:30 Sonja Murray, 58:30 Dana Spiegel.