WEBCAST THURS: @JavaScriptNYC Meetup – Feb 2018 #javascript @samjonester

livestreamAt 6:30pm EST on Thursday February 22 2018 the Javascript NYC monthly meetup will be held at the Microsoft Tech Center in NYC. The February 2018 meetup features 3 presentations:

  • `JS Conveniences: Objects and functions sure are convenient, so convenient that we do many shortsighted things just because they’re easy. sometimes making it hard to understand your code. Learn ways to give confusing things names, focus on what’s important, and write nicer code.`Sam Jones 
  • CorvoStore is an open-source, Node.JS clone of the Redis speedy memory data structure store, with client and server modules downloadable via NPM. This talk will take a panoramic look at its implementation. Peter_Reznick 
  • NativeScript is a cross-platform mobile application framework. This talk will cover specific strategies developers can use to add Machine Learning functionalities to iOS and Android apps with simple JavaScript code in a single code-base.`Ignacio_Fuentes

The meetup will be webcast live via the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/js-nyc-feb18/