WEBCAST TODAY: #IoTNY 51 – Industrial #IoT in Manufacturing @MachineMetrics @oden_tech @TwoSigmaVC #timeseriesNY

livestreamToday, Friday February 16 2018 at 11am ET (14:00 UTC) the Internet Society Livestream Channel will webcast an edited recording of last Tuesday’s Internet of Things (IoT) NY meetup, held in conjunction with the Time-Series Data NY meetup featuring presentations from two fast growing companies in the field of IoT in Manufacturing. Nowadays our products are almost always assembled by machine: plastic extruders, sheet metal stampers, textile spinning machines, robotic arms programmed for specific tasks. The machines and equipment vary, depending on the product being made, with the manufacturing processes overseen by humans. Until recently, the performance parameters of the machines (e.g., pressure, humidity, moisture, temperature, rotational speed) have been largely invisible to us. In other words, we need to capture data. Consequently, the efficiency of our processes is jeopardized by the fact that we don’t know what is happening at all times along our assembly lines. In other words, we don’t capture data at all or if we do, we don’t put it to actionable use. This is why manufacturing is one of IoT’s biggest markets. With the right data collection, processing, storage and analytics solution in place, companies can save hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars through process optimization, maximizing resource efficiency and, ultimately, increasing productivity. Speakers: Eric Fogg, COO & Founder, MachineMetrics; Devon Peticolas, Data Engineer Oden Technologies

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