ISOC-NY TV Show 2pm today @mnn59 The Last Days of Reality – Mark Pesce @CIVICHALL @mpesce

isoc ny tvToday, Wednesday January 10 2018, the ISOC-NY TV show features an edited version of a Civic Hall  brown bag session from Nov 3 2017 – The Last Days of Reality with Mark Pesce. Inventor, futurist, educator, author and broadcaster Mark Pesce (in conversation with Micah Sifry) discusses the Facebook conundrum – how can we keep it real in a world algorithm-created bubbles? (see the unedited session below)

What: ISOC-NY TV Show – The Last Days of Reality
Where: Manhattan Neighborhood Network
When: Wednesday Jan 10 2018 2pm-3pm EST | 1900-2000 UTC
Manhattan Cable: TWC 56 / 1996 | RCN 83 | FiOS 34

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