WEBCAST TODAY: @InternetSociety CEO @KathrynCBrown keynote at MWC Shanghai #ShapeTomorrow #CommunityNetworks #mwcs

lOn 29 June 2017, Internet Society President and CEO Kathy Brown gave a keynote speech at the “Society and the Human Element” panel at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. She talked about the role of the telecom industry in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9, in particular by enabling Community Networks in underserved areas. The speech will be webcast at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC) today December 31 2017 on the Internet Society Livestream Channel.



View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/mwcs17
Twitter: @KathrynCBrown https://twitter.com/KathrynCBrown