WEBCAST TODAY: The Last Days of Reality – Mark Pesce @CIVICHALL @mpesce

LivestreamOn November 3 2017 Civic Hall presented a brown bag session – The Last Days of Reality with Mark Pesce. Inventor, futurist, educator, author and broadcaster Mark Pesce (in conversation with Micah Sifry) shines a light a newly emerging world of Facebook profiling, machine learning, fake news targeting and augmented reality. “The Last Days of Reality” lays out the world we’ve created, then asks – while there’s still time – whether this is the world we really want to live in, and what might be done to change course. A recording will be streamed tonight Thursday December 29 2017 at 7pm on the Internet Society Livestream Channel.

View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/pesce