#NetworkNeutrality Primer from Henning Schulzrinne

Henning SchulzrinneColumbia University Professor, former FCC CTO, and Internet Hall-of-Famer Henning Schulzrinne has written an informative backgrounder on the current U.S. Open Internet Order repeal scenario – What the December 14th Net Neutrality Vote really means: answering your questions. All of them. starting with the paradoxical definition of Net Neutrality – “You know it when you don’t see it.”


​Clearly, rules other than those in the 2015 Order are possible within the existing Title II framework, but the current real options are variations of the 2015 Order or hoping that providers self-interest, the FTC and antitrust law will protect consumers. Unless the court overturns the 2017 Order, US consumers will be the, largely unenthusiastic, subjects of this experiment.

He suggests concerned citizens ‘”limit the damage” by actively engaging their local representatives, especially at community forums.