.@EliNoam comments on the #InternetSociety 2017 Global Internet Report #shapetomorrow #thenext25 #icomm2017

ICOMM17In 2016, the Internet Society launched a project to take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet. A broad section of the Internet community was engaged via multiple surveys, interviews, and roundtables. The full report ‘Paths to our Digital Future‘ was released on September 18 2017.

Following the launch, in a global online meetup – InterCommunity 2017 – speaking from regional interactive online nodes, individuals were able to comment on the report’s findings. In NYC, Eli Noam – director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) was one of those lending their thoughts. Video is below.

View on YouTube: https://youtu.be/nvC8jyRSu5A
Read the report: https://future.internetsociety.org/