WEBCAST SAT/SUN: 2017 Legal Hackers International Summit #legalhack #legalhack2017

livestreamOn Sat/Sun Aug 5-6 2017 third annual Legal Hackers International Summit will be held at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP in Brooklyn, NY. Summit will convene Legal Hackers organizers and legal-innovation thought leaders from around the world to share experiences and knowledge and to chart the path ahead for the Legal Hackers movement. Legal Hackers groups participating include Dubai, Nigeria, Singapore, Kiev, Scotland, Columbia, Toronto, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Keynoter is Keynote: Cori Zarek, Senior Tech Policy Fellow, Mozilla, & former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer. The event will webcast live on the Legal Hackers YouTube Channel as below. All times EDT (UTC-4)

Sat Aug 5
09:45 Welcome & Morning Keynote – https://youtu.be/YshYKZAK3Xw
10:40 Morning Presentations – https://youtu.be/4XuZwqvIHME
12:30 Lunchtime Keynote & Sunday Previews – https://youtu.be/j_V4byNpYnA
13:00 Early-Afternoon Presentations – https://youtu.be/T6Ik6Efkmic
15:40 Late-Afternoon Presentations – https://youtu.be/QnZvGtrWO0Q

Sun Aug 6
10:00 Day 2 Morning Workshops – https://youtu.be/-EGIUqhFKAY
12:30 Legal Hackers Forward-Looking Presentations – https://youtu.be/2yTe21cWnfI
13:30 Closing Remarks – https://youtu.be/c9zOV6YL4Ao

Agenda: https://legalhackers.org/summit2017/
Twitter: #LegalHack2017 http://bit.ly/legalhack2017