@InternetSociety calls for stronger encryption @G20

ISOC logoOn April 8 2017 ISOC-NY received the following memo from the Internet Society Global Policy team’s Constance Bommelaer:

As G20 discussions wrap in Düsseldorf, we wanted to share with you the Digital Economy Declaration that was adopted today, outlining a path for a strong digital future. But as world leaders head home, we must remember there is still work to be done.

In the months leading up to the high-level meeting, The Internet Society sent a strong message that a sustainable digital economy depends on an Internet we trust, and that encryption can help make it happen.

We need to keep saying this.

To that end, our President and CEO – Kathy Brown – has published an opinion piece today on The Internet Society’s website

You can read it here.

And here: 

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This marks the acceleration of our efforts to send the message to governments that encryption is a positive thing.  As Kathy Brown wrote in a comment to Morning Tech, “It is time to stop kicking the encryption football up and down the field. Instead, we should recognize that encryption is key to the future digital economy and stop treating it as simply an obstacle to law enforcement. We need to deconstruct the issues faced by law enforcement and agree together how we can achieve a trusted digital economy underpinned by encryption.”

If you want to read more coverage of our message, please see the following news articles:

Together we can keep sending the message that a strong digital economy depends on an Internet we trust.

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