WEBCASTS TODAY: @SenateDems defend #netneutrality while @BKCHarvard discusses right to Internet

US SenateToday, Tuesday February 7 2016, as the new leadership at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moves to rescind the Open Internet Order, sessions in Washington DC question the wisdom/validity of that action. In Washington the Senate Democrats gathered to defend the Order, while in Boston at the Berkman Klein Professor Christoph B. Graber in a talk  – Bottom-up Constitutionalism: The Case of Net Neutrality – examines the emergence of a new constitutional right of the Internet, not only protect individuals in their communication online, but a right protecting also the Internet as an institution. Links below.

Senate Dems defend Net Neutrality

View on YouTube: https://youtu.be/kluAdfwm50Y


Bottom-up Constitutionalism: The Case of Net Neutrality

View on BKCHarvard website: https://cyber.harvard.edu/events/luncheons/2017/02/Graber