WEBCAST FRI: Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works @uspto #copyright #blockchain

livestreamOn Friday December 9 2016 the US Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force will hold a meeting – Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works – at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. The meeting is convened to facilitate constructive, cross-industry dialogue among stakeholders about ways to promote a more robust and collaborative digital marketplace for copyrighted works. The meeting will focus on initiatives in this space that relate to standards development, interoperability across digital registries, and cross-industry collaboration, to understand the current state of affairs, identify challenges, and discuss paths forward. It will also be an opportunity to explore potential approaches to the future adoption and integration into the online marketplace of relevant emerging technologies, such as blockchain technology and open-source platforms. The goal is to provide a platform for discussion, and to determine in what ways government can be of assistance. One outcome could be to establish working groups to tackle specific issues through a multi-stakeholder process. Plenary sessions will be webcast via the USPTO Livestream Channel with live text transcription.

What: Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works
Where: USPTO HQ, Alexandria VA
When: Friday December 9 2016 8:30am-3:45pm EST | 13:30-20:45 UTC
Agenda: http://bit.ly/2h9Avdt
Webcast: https://livestream.com/uspto/DigitalMarketplace16
Transcript: http://www.captionedtext.com/client/embed.aspx?EventID=3128722
Twitter: uspto + copyright http://bit.ly/2h9zMZP