WEBCAST FRI/SAT/SUN: Radical Networks Conference in Brooklyn #radnets16 @radnetworks

LivestreamOn Friday-Sunday November 4-6 2016 the 2016 Radical Networks Conference will be held in Brooklyn NYC. The recent accessibility of networking technology through devices such as the Raspberry Pi and software such as BATMAN Adv has made it affordable and possible for everyday citizens to learn how to design their own web servers and networks. The goals of the conference are to: Understand how the technology can be used as a method of control and how to subvert that; Teach people how to use networking technology for themselves; Encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks. Speakers include Ingrid Burrington and Jane Coffin, The entire event will be webcast via the Internet Society livestream channel.

What: Radical Networks 2016
Where: Chemistry Creative, Brooklyn
When: November 4-6 2016
Program: http://radicalnetworks.org/program/
Webcast: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/radnetworks
Twitter: #radnets16 https://twitter.com/hashtag/radnets16