SAT/SUN – @InternetSociety Board of Trustees Meeting – Remote Participation details #ISOC

Internet SocietyOn Saturday/Sunday April 9-10 2016 the Internet Society’s Board of Trustees will meet in Buenos Aires. The Trustees provide strategic direction and oversight to advance ISOC’s mission of preserving the open, global Internet. At this meeting the traditional public ‘Observer’ sessions have been upgraded to include ‘Open Forums‘ where the ISOC community may comment or ask questions on topics before the board. As outlined in the Q1 Community Forum, in 2016 the organizational focus is on a) Increasing Internet Access, and b) Security and Encryption. These sessions will not be livestreamed or archived publicly. Details below. Report docs are available on the agenda page.

What: ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting #130 Public Sessions
Where: Buenos Aires
When: Sat April 9 2016 – 13:00-14:15 UTC (9-10:15am EDT) | 16:30-20:00 UTC (12:30-4pm EDT)
Sun April 10 2016 12:00-19:00 UTC (8am-3pm EDT)
Twitter: #isoc –