WEBCAST TODAY: @PrincetonCITP Conference on Global Internet #Interconnection

CITPToday, Friday March 11 2016, the Center for Internet Policy at Princeton University (CITP) presents A Conference on Global Internet Interconnection. The ways that content and Internet service providers interconnect on the Internet are playing an increasingly important role in the nature of the Internet. Interconnection affects many aspects of the Internet experience, including user quality of experience for streaming video, the costs that consumers bear for Internet access, and the security and privacy of consumer data. This CITP conference will present a mix of technical and policy perspectives on interconnection. We will explore the ongoing (and forthcoming) technical developments in Internet interconnection and explore how these and other developments relate to the increasingly colorful and nuanced regulatory and policy questions in this space. It is being livestreamed and recorded.

What: CITP Conference on Global Internet Interconnection
Where: Princeton University, NJ
Agenda: https://citp.princeton.edu/event/interconnection/
Webcast: http://media central live.princeton.edu
Twitter: #interconnection