INET San Francisco is May 7 – Theme: Internet trust challenges

INET SF 2010: Internet trust challenges and where we need to be in the next 10 years.

The San Francisco Chapter of the Internet Society organizes a regional INET conference to discuss important issues related to the Internet.

In the current Internet model we are faced with growing challenges of trust. How do we trust a particular address we type in a web browser? With ever-increasing social media networks and increasing number of communication how do we ensure that information we exchange can be trusted. The Internet has become a comfortable form of business transactions, can we trust the current Internet model or should we be thinking differently?

The San Francisco INET will bring together experts from Internet policy, standards, private sector and user community. We will explore current Internet policy challenges, how to advance security in the domain name system, how are businesses dealing with issues of trust and how is email communication evolving to ensure end-to-end trust. The conference will hold two panel sessions where audience can interact with experts. The goal of this conference is not to find ways to work with the current Internet trust model but what we want the model to be in the next ten years.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of ICANN
  • Zaid Ali, Chairman/President SF-Bay ISOC
  • Daniel T Dreymann, President/Co-Founder, Goodmail Systems
  • James Galvin, Afilias
  • Alex Deacon, Verisign
  • Jim Fenton, Cisco Systems
  • Dave Crocker, Brandenburg InternetWorking
  • Dave Lewis, Online Trust Alliance
  • Lucy Lynch, Internet Society
  • Stuart Staniford, FireEye

More info and formal registration:

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