VIDEO: Asia Internet Symposium Chennai 2014 #AISChennai

AIS ChennaiOn Tuesday December 2 2014 the Internet Society presented Asia Internet Symposium Chennai 2014 in Chennai, India. The symposium had the theme ‘India in the Open and Global Internet‘. The Internet Society’s Asia Internet Symposium Chennai brought together chapter Members and local community Leaders from Business, Civil Society and Government to learn about current issues and discuss India’s role in Internet Governance and gather inputs on ways by which India could broadly contribute to the further evolution of the free and open Global Internet. The event was be organized in two sections. In the first session, the following key points were presented:
What are the key fears to an open and free Internet?
What are the key Internet governance issues surfacing in India?
How to further leverage the potential of an open Internet for strengthening social and economic development in India?
What are the opportunities to educate public and to improve their participation in the Internet Governance debates?

The second session hosted a round table discussion to generate broad thinking on positive ways by which India could broadly contribute to further the evolution of the Free and Open Internet. The round table aimed to bring a very broad discussion that would go beyond India’s concerns as a Nation, and would bring up higher thoughts on ways of strengthening Internet Governance in a manner that is fair of the whole world; a meaningful discussion on positive ways by which India could contribute to the Internet in a manner that it would further the progress of the Internet as a Free and Open eco-system causing worldwide prosperity and well being, as also point to solutions to increase global trust and strengthen the Internet Governance framework. The event was webcast live via Internet Society Chapters Livestream Channel. .

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