WEBCAST TODAY: The Future of the Internet 2014: Defining Software Defined Networks #TFI2014 @coisoc #sdn

Co ISOC TFI 2014Today Friday August 22 2014 the Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society (CO ISOC) will host its first annual Future of the Internet event ‘Defining Software Defined Networks‘. This event brings together experts and professionals from across the globe to discuss SDN, NfV, open networking, and all things related to network programmability; the ability for networked applications to more directly interact with network elements such as routers, switches, and firewalls). Whether you call it Software Defined Networking, Software Driven Networks, Open Networking, Cloud Routing, Network Virtualization, or something else; the exciting part is extrapolating this “SDN” trend into the future as we make these programs and languages more fully featured and more standardized. SDN is no magic pill, but it does have the potential to drastically simplify network operations while simultaneously increasing network efficiency. You’ve heard the hype, now come learn the facts! This CO ISOC Future of the Internet event will focus on the real problems and on finding the best solutions, so that you can leave informed, ready to tackle the newest networking trends while avoiding the pitfalls of the newest buzzword. The entire event will be webcast live on the Internet Society livestream channel. Denver is 2 hrs behind NYC = UTC-6

What: The Future of the Internet 2014: Defining Software Defined Networks
Where: Greenwood Village, CO
When: Friday August 22 2014 9am-5pm MDT | 11am-7pm EDT | 1500-2100 UTC
Webcast: https://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/SDN2014
Twitter: #TFI2014