VIDEO: Confidentiality 2020: Can We Keep Secrets Any More? @isocdc @microsoft #transparency @InternetSociety

ISOC DC Privacy 2010On Thursday May 15 2014 the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) and the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center presented Confidentiality 2020: Can We Keep Secrets Anymore? in Washington DC. The event asked the questions: Are we seeing an inevitable trend towards transparency? Or will companies and organizations find ways to lock down their networks and their information? If radical transparency is inevitable, what should organizations do to adapt? It took the form of an informal roundtable discussion between David Brin – Noted science fiction writer, futurist, and author of “The Transparent Society”; Greg Elin — and former Chief Data Officer, FCC; Allan Holmes — The Center for Public Integrity; Tom Lee – Director, Sunlight Labs; Barry Pavel, VP, Atlantic Council, and Director, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security; and Mark Rasch – Chief Privacy and Data Security Officer, SAIC. Moderator: Michael Nelson – Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft. The event was webcast live via the Internet Society livestream channel, video below.

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