VIDEO: @InternetSociety Internet #Governance update and discussion webinar #netmundial #igf

Internet_SocietyOn Thursday 17 Aprilthe Internet Society held a webinar on Internet Governance. As we are moving ahead into the year with major conferences that will shape the future of Internet governance, the intent was to prepare for NETmundial, share post-WTDC insights and exchange on WSIS+10 as well as IGF issues. With a large portion of the time allocated to dialogue, the agenda was structured with a view to maximizing interactions between all Members and staff. A video recording is below.

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00:00 Markus Kummer
01:51 Daniel Fink
26:51 Akinori Maemura
38:22 Nick Ashton-Hart
42:26 Evan Leibovitch
46:34 Christopher Wilkinson
48:34 Sally Wentworth
52:20 Constance Bommelaer
58:43 Raquel Gatto