VIDEO: Vint Cerf – Reinventing the Internet #vintcerf @dcacm

On Monday May 13 2013, Vint Cerf addressed the Washington DC Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (DC ACM) on the topic ‘Reinventing the Internet‘. Dr. Cerf is the ACM’s current president and, in 2004, a winner of its prestigious Turing Award. The presentation focused on the evolution of the Internet from its beginning in 1973 to its current state and the need for updates to its architecture. It was webcast live by the Internet Society’s North America Bureau, video is below.

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The Internet was designed 40 years ago and has been in operation for 30 years. It has evolved considerably but its architecture is still pretty much as it was in its 1973 incarnation. We have learned a great deal about the applications of the Internet in the intervening decades and it is clear that there is room for improvement and expansion in several dimensions. The Internet of Things is rapidly emerging; mobiles are everywhere; the interplanetary internet is in nascent operation between the Earth and Mars. Security has become a major issue as have authentication and integrity. These topics form the core of the presentation at DC ACM.