WEBCAST TODAY: @InternetSociety Briefing “Content is King; How Do we Avoid Playing the Pauper?” #ietf #ietf86 #content

contentAt 11:45am today Tuesday 12 March 2013 the Internet Society will present a panel discussion “Content is King; How Do we Avoid Playing the Pauper?” at IETF 86 in Orlando Florida. The panel will address the questions: Are there ways that Internet application layer infrastructure standards could be extended to capture the content creator’s intentions of use of digital content, to be as open or as restricted as that creator desires? What are the building blocks from which that could start? Of course, expressing rights is one thing, enforcement of respecting rights is another. In the interest of having a constructive 1 hour discussion, the focus in this session will be on maximizing the creative opportunities for digital content in the Internet environment by enabling greater facility to express and extend rights intended by content creators. The event will be webcast live by the Internet Society North America Bureau, an audiocast is also available.

What: Content is King; How Do we Avoid Playing the Pauper?
Where: IETF 86, Orlando, Florida
When: Tuesday 12 March 2013 11.45am-12:45pm EDT | 1545-1645 UTC
Webcast: http://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/isoc-at-ietf86
Audiocast: http://verilan.com/isoc.m3u
Twitter: @InternetSociety | #IETF86 | #content
Moderator: Leslie Daigle, Internet Society
Glenn Deen, NBCUniversal
Leif Johansson, Swedish University Academic IDentity federation (SWAMID.se), IETF
Peter Saint-Andre, Cisco